Welcome to JohnIs

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John is a pretty simple guy, really. John is very interested in creating value through every endeavor that he pursues. There are many things in this world at which John is not very good, but there are a few things that John does extremely well. John’s hope is that he can spend the remainder of his days doing “those” things.

It’s quite possible that you may be in need of one or more of those things. If so, John would love to explore that opportunity.

John is… an Artist

John is… an Entrepreneur

John is… a Risk Taker

John is… a Creative Technology Professional

John is… an Enterprise Resource Planning Expert

John is… an Online Marketing and Lead Generation Expert

John is… absolutely effective in the Amazon Echosphere of selling

John is… Analytical, Efficiency-Minded & a Critical Thinker

John is… highly skilled at Social Media Management & Digital Marketing

John is… passionate about working on projects where Creativity, Technology & Business intersect

John is… a Certified Salesforce.com Developer and Administrator since 2008

John is… absolutely willing to help you in any way he can. Just ask.

Depending on when you arrive, you might be disappointed in what you may or may not find here, as John is also very busy at the moment. John would still encourage you to contact him if you have a need in any of the areas mentioned above. The easiest way would be to simply email him or give him a call @ 216-910-6886.

John looks forward to speaking with you.